The Righteous Kind Album Review “Wild Hibiscus” by Ranelle Golden

The album Wild Hibiscus by The Righteous Kind starts out with high energy that flows all the way through. Immediately I was thrown back to the sixties, and seventies grooving on the countryside. While the songs have a feel reminiscent of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix’s vibes and my own personal opinion some Fleetwood Mac, it is perhaps too familiar for today’s sophisticated younger listeners. It is easy to appreciate the musical ability of this band. It’s a definite that they are having fun, and doing what they love. The musicianship is solid with twist and turns we don’t see in every album. Electric sitar, cello, harmonica, and vocals from an entire choir give the listener much to enjoy. Though the one thing that kept coming up as I listened again and again was what song is this? Should I know it? I felt too much like I was listening to a song by another artist from the past.  A trip through the musical library was called for to truly compare. I heard so many songs that I could pull from to compare to on the Beatles alone that I found myself listening to it all over and over again. This was a pleasure since I had forgotten how amazing that band was. I moved on to Hendrix, which must have inspired some of the guitar in the Wild Hibiscus album.  This music just makes you feel happy. I for one can appreciate this music and would truly enjoy this band live in concert.  Check out their album by visiting: or email: for more information.

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