Mad Sexual Genius Album Review

The name of the band alone, Mad Sexual Genius, intrigues me.  Then to have my hand on the play button, filled me with anticipation of what was to come. Perhaps somewhere in this music I might learn something new.  After all, it’s not every day one meets a Mad Sexual Genius, yet alone five of them.  I pushed play.  It wasn’t rock, it wasn’t pop, it wasn’t hip-hop, it was more.  It was old school and new school. How cool was this sound through my speakers, blasting a smooth, funky sexy sound that reminded me of Motown. Okay, I’m hooked. What more am I going to hear ran through my head. The vocals were filling the speaker. The lyrics had me listening closely. The horns hit it. Wait, I thought this was something funky like soul or jazz, but I hear some rap.  Wow. I was on a musical journey. These Musican’s seem to have a true passion for what they do.  It shows in every song, with a distinct groove.  I suggest you get lost in this music for a while.  It can’t hurt to have that special someone with you either.  But I dare not say more about that.  To learn more about Mad Sexual Genius visit them at: and enjoy. You can also fan them at   I did. 

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