Ranelle Golden is a multi-talented Author, Screenwriter and Director. Ranelle’s book TWIN CURSE: The Rise of Percupus was released the fall of 2010. Ranelle has directed multiple films including the film “Saving Amy”, which has received IMDb.com title, along with Ringo & Dingo, Shadow Speak.  Ranelle has written various children’s books, numerous screenplays, freelance poetry, and musical lyrics.  She has also produced and directed numerous Theatrical productions such as “Annie Jr.”, “Sound of Music”, Disney’s “Aladdin Jr.”, “Stay as Dead as You Are” and “The Best Haunted House Ever”.  Ranelle was an owner and director of a performing arts academy with a mission to educate young children of various age groups from first grade to high school students in music and theater.  In this role, she has managed and written business plans for profit and non-profit organizations, press releases, newsletters, and articles, managed fund raising and young artist development/talent show competitions.  Her other interests include imaginative story telling, sci-fi fantasy books and movies, and developing natural talent in young children. Ranelle has partnered to work with screenplay writers in the UK, Canada and the United States.  Her current projects include two TV Pilots scheduled for completion in December of 2011.  As a second generate musician who used to perform in her own band, as was born writing music, Ranelle returned to her roots in 2010 to Manage the Up & Coming Band JANANI, as well as taking on a role of Album review and Columnist for OrlandoBands.com.


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