Mad Sexual Genius Album Review

The name of the band alone, Mad Sexual Genius, intrigues me.  Then to have my hand on the play button, filled me with anticipation of what was to come. Perhaps somewhere in this music I might learn something new.  After all, it’s not every day one meets a Mad Sexual Genius, yet alone five of them.  I pushed play.  It wasn’t rock, it wasn’t pop, it wasn’t hip-hop, it was more.  It was old school and new school. How cool was this sound through my speakers, blasting a smooth, funky sexy sound that reminded me of Motown. Okay, I’m hooked. What more am I going to hear ran through my head. The vocals were filling the speaker. The lyrics had me listening closely. The horns hit it. Wait, I thought this was something funky like soul or jazz, but I hear some rap.  Wow. I was on a musical journey. These Musican’s seem to have a true passion for what they do.  It shows in every song, with a distinct groove.  I suggest you get lost in this music for a while.  It can’t hurt to have that special someone with you either.  But I dare not say more about that.  To learn more about Mad Sexual Genius visit them at: and enjoy. You can also fan them at   I did. 


Petey & the Ravens Album Review of Broken Heart

Petey & the Raven

Smooth and sexy strings mixed with gentle rhythms and vocals to take us through a Broken Heart. There is a southern rock feel throughout, with a bit of blues and country that keeps you tapping your foot or nodding your head to the beat. It’s a pleasure to listen to with some gorgeous guitar playing. Yet, it also leads into some powerful riffs, and harder hitting rhythm.  This was an excellent surprise, since you would think a Broken Heart would be mellow and sad in is music, but it’s not. The songs on this album are about more than the love between a man, and a woman, they are about the broken hearts felt in all aspects of life as demonstrated by songs like “My child went to war”. Definitely worth your time, especially if you appreciate great guitar. Find out more about Petey & the Ravens by visiting: or by email at:

Fleet Walker Album Review

Fleet Walker
Album Review of Morning Void
By Ranelle Golden

It starts out soft with smooth edges that leave you feeling love. This is Fleet Walker’s album Morning Void. Beautifully mastered, and executed all the way through. I didn’t expect to find myself on an emotional journey through loves of the past, present and future but that’s exactly what happens when you listen to this outstanding music. It’s presentation is so clean and simple. It’s pure and raw in the feelings it draws from the listener. This is music to live by. To find out more visit Fleet Walker at or on

Hadley’s Hope EP Review by Ranelle Golden

The minute the music began to play it had my full attention. This is Hadley’s Hope.  A band set to explore the universe with its beautiful music. There are only 5 songs on this EP but each and everyone have well thought-out arrangements with a unique blend of styles. The band Hadley’s Hope defines itself as alternative rock but there are clear hints of other influences in the music, such as a touch of metal and pop. The songs with vocals are excellent with interesting harmonies. There is one instrumental on this EP that is beautifully done showing off the musicianship of the band.  This band is actively performing around the Central Florida area, and I for one am eager to catch a show.  Find out more about them by visiting or visiting them on Facebook at

or email: for more information.

The Righteous Kind Album Review “Wild Hibiscus” by Ranelle Golden

The album Wild Hibiscus by The Righteous Kind starts out with high energy that flows all the way through. Immediately I was thrown back to the sixties, and seventies grooving on the countryside. While the songs have a feel reminiscent of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix’s vibes and my own personal opinion some Fleetwood Mac, it is perhaps too familiar for today’s sophisticated younger listeners. It is easy to appreciate the musical ability of this band. It’s a definite that they are having fun, and doing what they love. The musicianship is solid with twist and turns we don’t see in every album. Electric sitar, cello, harmonica, and vocals from an entire choir give the listener much to enjoy. Though the one thing that kept coming up as I listened again and again was what song is this? Should I know it? I felt too much like I was listening to a song by another artist from the past.  A trip through the musical library was called for to truly compare. I heard so many songs that I could pull from to compare to on the Beatles alone that I found myself listening to it all over and over again. This was a pleasure since I had forgotten how amazing that band was. I moved on to Hendrix, which must have inspired some of the guitar in the Wild Hibiscus album.  This music just makes you feel happy. I for one can appreciate this music and would truly enjoy this band live in concert.  Check out their album by visiting: or email: for more information.

EP review of The Kinected by Ranelle Golden

Today the speakers have been blasting a new favorite. Let’s meet The Kinected and their original music. A solid sound with some excellent guitar riffs in the music. You will hear hypnotic bass and some seriously good rhythm. The song lyrics are meaningful with timely hooks. In fact the vocals are very well executed through-out the entire song with interesting harmonies and melodies.  The listener will find a nice build in the song’s energy that leaves you wanting more when it’s over. A suitable solution to that is to play it again.  The mastering and quality of this LP is outstanding.  Be on the lookout for this group in the headlines. They have what it takes to become legends. Find out their performance schedule to catch a live show or more information about the guys in the band on the webpage at

LP Review of the ShatterGlass by Ranelle Golden

Beautifully mastered music, well thought out EP cover, and a great sound! This is ShatterGlass’s three song EP. Love the solid rock feel of the music. The first song won me over with the title alone: Psycho Girlfriend. Indeed the temptation to hit repeat was very strong. After-all who hasn’t had a Psycho “friend” or two? The lyrics were the first thing to grab me, then the rhythm kept me there to appreciate just how tight this song is. The two songs that followed were just as impressive with excellent guitar riffs, powerful vocals and outstanding rhythm. ShatterGlass demonstrates a uniqueness that is all their own with music that takes us back to the classic rock of yesterday. This band is ready for airplay. Learn more about them by visiting them at or Facebook: Shatterglasstheband.